20th DOMANI: “The Art of Tomorrow” Exhibition

Showcasing Participants from the Agency for Cultural Affairs Program of Overseas Study for Upcoming Artists


Date January 13 (Sat.)- March 4 (Sun.), 2018
Closed Tuesdays
Opening hours 10:00-18:00
*10:00-20:00 on Fridays and Saturdays
*Last admission 30 minutes before closing
Venue The National Art Center, Tokyo (Kokuritsu-Shin-Bijutsukan), Special Exhibition Gallery 2E
Organized by Agency for Cultural Affairs, The National Art Center, Tokyo
In cooperation of JAPAN AIRLINES
Production Art Venture Office SHOU
(tax included)
General 1,000yen(Adults), 500yen(College students)
Advance/Group 800 yen(Adults), 300 yen(College students)

※All students: Please present some form of valid student ID. Those up to highschool and less than 18 years of age will be free of admission fee upon presenting a valid form of ID.

※Disabled persons (plus one accompanied person) will be free of admission fee upon presenting Disabled Person's Handbook or an equivalent form of government-issued ID.

※Group tickets (for groups of a minimum of 20 people) can only be purchased at the National Art Center, Tokyo.

※Tickets both Advance and General are available through Lawson Ticket (L-code:34889),eplus,e-tix. Service charges may apply. Advance tickets on sale from November 15th(Wed.), 2017 until January 12th(Fri), 2018 (These services are only available in Japanese)

※Visitors who present a ticket or ticket stub from another exhibition currently underway at the National Art Center, Tokyo, the Suntory Museum or the Mori Art Museum (the three facilities that make up the Roppongi Art Triangle) will be eligible for the group discount.
Inquiries Tel:+81 (0)3-5777-8600 (Hello Dial)
Twitter @DOMANI_ten


  • YOSUKE AMEMIYA (2014・Netherlands)

    born in 1975 Contemporary Art
    BA Tama Art University,Tokyo


    《Installation view at Galerie Fons Welters》2013
    photo: Tamara Kuselman ※reference image

  • NAOYA INOSE (2015・United Kingdom)

    born in 1988 Contemporary Art
    Graduated Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, BA Oil Painting
    UAL Chelsea College of Art And Design, London, MA (Fine art)


    《Baral No.10 from series of “Tower of Babel” 》2009
    Takahashi Collection

  • MAKIKO TANAKA (2013・France)

    born in 1975 Contemporary Art
    Gradueted from Joshibi University of Art and Design Junior College,Department of fashion design



  • MICHIKO NAKATANI (2012・Germany)

    born in 1981 Sculpture
    B.A. in Sculpture, Tama Art University, Tokyo
    Masterscholar degree, Hochschüle für Bildende Kunst Dresden


    《There are the crows on that mountain 》2017
    photo: Hayato Wakabayashi

  • YUTA NAKAMURA (2015 short time・Australia)

    born in 1983 Contemporary Art
    Took Ph.D in arts at Kyoto Seika University


    《Atlas of Japanese Ostracon|Kugedo, Kawagoe-shi, Saitama》2016
    photo:Nobutada Omote

  • YOSHINARI NISHIO (2011・Kenya)

    born in 1982 Art project / Art management
    Art project、Art management
    Ph.D. in Fine Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts


    《Self Select: Migrants in Tokyo》2017

  • KAE MASUDA (2013・America)

    born in 1978 Painting
    Kyoto City University of Arts (Painting), M.A.


    photo:Shinya Kigure

  • mamoru (2015・Netherlands)

    born in 1977 Contemporary Art
    Graduated with distinction from The Royal Academy of Art and The Royal Conservatory The Hague, The Hague, Netherlands



  • SAORI MIYAKE (2015・France)

    born in 1975 Contemporary Art
    Kyoto City University of Arts, Master's Degree, Major in Faculty of Fine Arts


    《The missing shade 26》2017(写真) ※reference image

  • KEITA MORI (2006・France / 2015 short time・Belgium)

    born in 1981 Drawing
    Tama Universty of Art, Tokyo, BA Fine Art
    (sculpture: mixte media)


    《Strings》2017 © ADAGP Keita Mori
    Courtesy the artist and Galerie Catherine Putman, Paris

  • YANG02 (2013・Spanish・German / 2014 short time・Spanish)

    born in 1984 Media art
    M.F.A. Information Design Field, Design Course, Master Program of Tama Art University


    photo : Naoki Takehisa


The Agency for Cultural Affairs has organized the Program of Overseas Study for Upcoming Artists (formerly the Overseas Study Program for Artists)(*) since 1967, helping young artists undergo training at universities and related organizations in other countries in order to foster the talent that will support the future of Japan’s art world. The program celebrates its half-century anniversary this year. The “DOMANI: The Art of Tomorrow” exhibition has been held annually since 1998 to provide an opportunity for showcasing the achievements of the program, and this year marks its 20th anniversary. In addition to the large-scale group exhibition held in the spacious venue of the National Art Center, Tokyo, “DOMANI: The Art of Tomorrow PLUS,” a smaller exhibition with a strong curatorial focus, was launched in 2015. With the first phase as sending participating artists abroad, these two exhibitions together serve as the second phase, aiming to present the work of participants in the development program to the Japanese art world.
Subtitled “Memories of passagers,” the 20th annual “DOMANI” exhibition showcases examples of exciting talent who have completed the study program in recent years. Including four artists who continue to be based abroad after the program, the experiences of these artists living overseas as temporary passagers (voyagers) away from home will surely emerge in the exhibition. A related special exhibition and various satellite events will also be held to commemorate the half-century anniversary of the program and the 20th anniversary of the exhibition.

(*)Program of Overseas Study for Upcoming Artists (past the Overseas Study Program for Artists)
This is a program under which the Agency for Cultural Affairs sends young artists overseas to support their training in their specialties. Since the 1967 fiscal year, About 3,400 artists have participated so far (Including art department is about 1,200). There are six types ‒ one-year, two-year, three-year, special (80 days), short-stay (20 to 40 days) and high school student (350 days) courses ‒ in the fields of media art, including fine art, music, dance, theater, film and stage design.
The trainees have practical training with overseas universities, art organizations and artists.

See the details of this system on the website of the Agency for Cultural Affairs.

Hibiya Library and Museum Special Exhibition
20th DOMANI: The Art of Tomorrow PLUS×Hibiya Library and Museum
The Achievements of Japanese Government Overseas Study Program for Artists provided by the Agency for Cultural Affairs
Artists meet Books ― Books as Trees and the Library as a Forest.


Date Thursday, 14th December – Sunday, 18th February
Closed Closed on Monday, 18th December, Friday, 29th December to Wednesday, 3rd January, Monday, 15h January
Opening hours 10:00-20:00
*Closed at 19:00 on Saturdays, 17:00 on Sundays, Public Holidays and Thursday, 28th December.
*Admission ends 30 minutes before closing time
Venue Chiyoda City's Hibiya Library and Museum
1F Special Exhibition space
(tax included)
300yen(Adults), 200yen(College and High school students)
Chiyoda wards residents admitted free of charge.

Junior high school and younger children admitted free of charge.

Disabled visitors admitted free of charge with one attendant.

*Please bring documents with your address, student card or your disability identification.
Organized by Agency for Cultural Affairs, Chiyoda city Hibiya Library and Museum
In cooperation of Art Venture Office SHOU


  • ISAMU WAKABAYASHI (1973・France)

    1936-2003, Sculpture / Drawing
    BFA in Sculpture, Tokyo University of the Arts


    Sketchbook 1974
    collection of Wakabayashi studio

  • TAKANOBU KOBAYASHI (1996・Thailand)

    born in 1960, Oil Painting
    BFA in Oil Painting, Aichi University of the Arts


    ©Kobayashi Takanobu, Courtesy of Nishimura Gallery

  • YURIKO TERAZAKI (1998・United Kingdom)

    born in 1952, Drawing
    Graduated University of Hawaii


    《Corpus Christi, Oxford》2001
    Private Collection

  • AIKO MIYANAGA (2007・Scotland)

    born in 1974, Contemporary Art
    BFA in sculpture, Kyoto University of Art and Design
    M.F.A. in intermedia art, Tokyo University of the Arts


    《open book》2014
    private collection *Reference image
    photo:Leo Bieber
    ©MIYANAGA Aiko Courtesy of White Rainbow and Mizuma Art Gallery

  • RYO ORIKASA (2015・Canada)

    born in 1986, Animation
    M.F.A. in Animation, Tokyo University of the Arts


    《Datum Point》2015
    *Exhibition image of the 19th DOMANI at the National Art Center, Tokyo
    photo: Shizune Shiigi

  • MASAHIRO HASUNUMA (2016・Germany)

    born in 1981, Contemporary Art
    Ph.D., Tokyo University of the Arts Graduate School


    《Dream of Land-twelve short stories》2015
    *Reference image

  • YUKIO FUJIMOTO(Guest Artist)

    born in 1950
    BM in Musicology, Osaka University of Arts


    《turn over (nagoya)》2012