luminescent vessel 2019(部分)
luminescent vessel 2019 (detail)
新里 明士
主な展覧会・受賞に、「和巧絶佳 令和時代の超工芸」パナソニック汐留美術館(東京/2020)、「現代6作家による 茶室でみる磁器の現在」被錦斎・一樹庵 根津美術館(東京/2017)、「現代の茶陶−利休にみせたい!−」茨城県陶芸美術館(2017)、U-50 国際北陸工芸アワード 奨励賞(2017)など。

撮影:大塚敬太 + 稲口俊太
Ceramic art
2011, 1 yr., Boston, USA
Born 1977, in Chiba, Japan. Diploma, The Tajimi City Ceramic and Design Center. Live and works in Gifu, Japan.
Niisato Akio is known globally for his contemporary designs employing the technique known as hotarude, in which holes are made in a white porcelain base formed on the wheel, and clear glaze poured in before firing, to create a pattern that is revealed when light shines through the holes. For DOMANI 2021, in addition to intricate designs of the sort only possible in porcelain, Niisato will present a group of works that showcase a bolder side of the process used to produce porcelain vessels.

Selected Exhibitions and Awards:
"Contemporary Japanese Crafts Reinterpretation, Exquisite Craftsmanship, and Aesthetic Exploration" Panasonic Shiodome Museum of Art (Tokyo/2020), “The present of porcelain seen in a tea room” Tea House-Hikinsai/Ichiju-an Nezu Museum (Tokyo/2017), “Contenporary Ceramics for the Tea -Rikyu ni misetai!-”Ibaraki Ceramic Art Museum (Ibaraki, Japan/2017), Award for Honorable Mention, U-50 INTERNATIONAL HOKURIKU KOGEI AWARDS (2017)
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