Prosaic Verse 2011
Photo: TAKAHASHI Kenji
竹村 京
主な展覧会に、「ヨコハマトリエンナーレ2020」横浜美術館(2020)、「長島有里枝×竹村京 まえ と いま」群馬県立近代美術館 (2019)、個展「どの瞬間が一番ワクワクする?」ポーラ美術館 アトリウムギャラリー(神奈川/2018)、「中房総国際芸術祭いちはらアート×ミックス」月出工舎(千葉/2014)など。
Contemporary art
2004, 3 yrs., Berlin, Germany
Born 1975, in Tokyo, Japan. MFA Painting, Tokyo University of Art. Live and works in Gunma, Japan.
Takemura’s signature offerings consist of two-dimensional installations in which embroidered white cloth is overlaid on photographs or drawings, and the “renovated” series, in which broken everyday items are mended by sewing the damaged parts together with white silk thread. For this artist, the act of embroidering with the intent of creating a “tentative” state leads to the reconstruction of various memories and objects, which then manifest in new guises.

Selected Exhibitions:
“Yokohama Triennale 2020” Yokohama Museum of Art (Kanagawa, Japan /2020), “Nagashima Yurie x Takemura Kei Now ⇆ Then” The Museum of Modern Art, Gunma(Japan/2019), Solo exhibition “Which Second is the Most Excited?” Pola Museum of Art (Kanagawa, Japan/2018), “Naka-Boso International Art Festival Ichihara Art x Mix” Tsukide Kousya (Chiba, Japan/2014)
cartwheel galaxy(savannah) 2020
Photo: KIGURE Shinya
鬼頭 健吾
主な展覧会・受賞に、個展「Full Lightness」京都市京セラ美術館(2020)、「六本木アートナイト 2018」国立新美術館(東京/2018)、個展「鬼頭健吾 Multiple Star」ハラミュージアムアーク (群馬/2017)、「DOMANI・明日展 PLUS」京都芸術センター(2016)、令和元年度京都市芸術新人賞(2020)など
KITO Kengo
Contemporary art
2009, 2 yrs., Berlin, Germany
Born 1977, in Aichi, Japan. MFA Painting, Kyoto City University of Art. Professor, graduate school, Kyoto University of the Arts. Live and works in Gunma, Japan.
Kito began his career as an artist while still at university, when he was also instrumental in the founding and operation of Art space dot, an artist-run space in Aichi. He employs a plethora of expressive techniques in output that includes large-scale installations constructed from common everyday items such as hula hoops, thread and mirrors, combined with motors; as well as sculptures, paintings, and photographs.

Selected Exhibitions and Awards:
Solo exhibition “Full Lightness” Kyoto City KYOCERA Museum of Art (Kyoto, Japan/2020), “ROPPONGI ART NIGHT” The National Art Center, Tokyo (Japan/2018), Solo exhibition “MULTIPLE STAR I-III” Hara Museum ARC (Gunma, Japan/2017), “DOMANI plus” KYOTO ART CENTER (Kyoto, Japan/2016), City of Kyoto Best Young Artst Award (2020)
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撮影:大塚敬太 + 稲口俊太