I 2019-2020
山本 篤
主な展覧会に、「DOMANI・明日展 plus online 2020」オンライン展(2020)、個展「祈りのフォーム」Art Center Ongoing(東京/2020)、「どう生きるか #2 六本木にて」シュウゴアーツ(東京/2018)、個展「MAMスクリーン007」森美術館(東京/2017-18)、「奥能登国際芸術祭 奥能登⼝伝資料館」旧⼩泊保育所(⽯川/2017)など。

撮影:大塚敬太 + 稲口俊太
Contemporary art, Video
2018, 1 yr., Hue, Vietnam
Born 1980, in Tokyo, Japan. BFA Painting, Tama Art University. Live and works in Tokyo, Japan.
An ambitious maker of a great variety of video works from fictional pieces with a contemporary social issue slant, to documentaries of a highly personal nature, and experimental pieces in a skit format, Yamamoto himself often plays characters in his works, and has been highly acclaimed for an idiosyncratic worldview that draws the viewer inexorably into works that feel bizarrely real.

Selected Exhibitions:
“DOMANI plus Online 2020: Living on the Eve” Online Exhibition (2020), Solo Exhibition “Forms of Pray” Art Center Ongoing, (Tokyo/2020), “How to live #2 at Roppongi” ShugoArts (Tokyo/2018), “OKU-NOTO TRIENNALE “OKU-NOTO Oral Tradition Museum” Kodomari Preschool (Ishikawa, Japan/2017)
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