「DOMANI・明日展 plus online 2020:〈前夜〉を生きる」期間限定再開にあたって

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この度、2020年7月3日から10月11日にかけてオンライン上で開催した展覧会を、「DOMANI・明日展2021 スペースが生まれる」の会期内に期間限定で再開することとしました。オンライン展は2020年4月、最初の緊急事態宣言下に構想したものです。美術館等での展覧会がほぼ途絶した時期に、再び日常への一歩を踏み出す作家たちとの連帯、共感を示すべく、そのフィジカルな水平移動の鑑賞体験、身体感覚をふくめてキュレイション、デザインしたものでした。いまではオンライン展覧会の実践は増えましたが、昨年夏の段階ではかなり斬新な試みであったと自負しております。今回、二度目の緊急事態宣言下、「DOMANI・明日展2021」を準備するなかで、あらためて最初の緊急事態宣言時の緊迫した状況、思いをそのまま「解凍」したいと考え、基本的に加工せず再開します。ただし、8作家の内、ライヴ・ストリーミングだったやんツーの作品《ポストヒューマニズムのためのオンライン会議》については、アーカイブ映像に切り替えました。また、山本篤はオンライン展出品作品のうちの一点《I》を本会場の中でリアルに展示しています。

林 洋子(文化庁 芸術文化調査官 / 「DOMANI・明日展」企画者)


2021年2月3日(水)~ 3月7日(日)
林 洋子(文化庁・芸術文化調査官)

Thoughts on the limited-time return of “DOMANI plus Online 2020: Living on the Eve”

The web-based “DOMANI plus Online 2020: Living on the Eve” exhibition originally run from July 3 to October 11, 2020, is to be relaunched for a limited time during “DOMANI: The Art of Tomorrow Exhibition 2021: Creating Space.” “DOMANI plus Online 2020” was conceived under the first Japanese Covid-19 state of emergency in April 2020, as a way to express solidarity and support for artists taking their first steps back to business as usual at a time when exhibitions at museums and other venues had almost ceased entirely, and was curated and designed to replicate the sensation of the physical viewing experience, via horizontal tracking. Many more online exhibitions have since appeared, but we take some pride in the fact that last summer, this was quite an innovative venture. Now, as we prepare for “DOMANI: The Art of Tomorrow Exhibition 2021” under a second state of emergency, out of a desire to preserve the sense of urgency and purpose that motivated us under the first, the online exhibition will be relaunched virtually unaltered, apart from the contribution from one of its eight artists: Teleconference for Posthumanism, originally live-streamed by yang02, which will switch to archive footage; while the video I by Yamamoto Atsushi, presented there will also be presented in real space at the DOMANI 2021 venue.
We hope that viewers will readily perceive the connection between “Living on the Eve” and “Creating Space.”

Hayashi Yoko
(Senior Researcher & Curator, Agency for Cultural Affairs / Curator, “DOMANI: The Art of Tomorrow”)
February 2021

Dates: Wednesday, February 3 – Sunday, March 7, 2021
Organized by The Agency for Cultural Affairs
Curator: Hayashi Yoko (Senior researcher/curator, Agency for Cultural Affairs, Japan)
Produced by Art Venture Office SHOU
Access: free (held online)
URL: online.domani-ten.com

Artists: (year selected for the Program, length of study, city follow year of birth)
Koganezawa Takehito (b. 1974 / 2001, 3 yrs., Berlin, Germany), Tamura Yuichiro (b. 1977 / 2012, 1 yr., Berlin, Germany, London, UK and others), Okumura Yuki (b. 1978 / 2012, 1 yr., Antwerp, Belgium), Yamamoto Atsushi (b. 1980 / 2018, 1 yr., Hue, Vietnam), Yamauchi Terue (b. 1982 / 2014, short term, Mindanao, The Philippines), Kato Tsubasa (b. 1984 / 2014, 2 yrs., Seattle, USA), yang02 (b. 1984 / 2013, 1 yr., Barcelona, Spain and others)
Aoyama Satoru (b. 1973, guest artist)

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