Beautiful Smile 2019(参考作品)
Beautiful Smile 2019 (Reference)
笹川 治子
主な展覧会に、「City Flip-Flop」Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab(台北/2019)、「虚構のはずれ On the Verge of Fiction」 関渡美術館(台北/2019)、「1940's フジタ・トリビュート」 東京藝術大学大学美術館 陳列館(2018)、「戦争画STUDIES」東京都美術館(2015)など。

撮影:大塚敬太 + 稲口俊太
Contemporary art
2019, short term, Leipzig, Dresden, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Germany
Born 1983, in Osaka, Japan. MFA Intermedia Art, Tokyo University of the Arts. Lecturer, Tokyo University of the Arts. Lives and works in Ibaraki, Japan
Having written her doctoral thesis on the media and war, from war paintings to gaming, starting with an examination of the motifs portrayed in Léonard Tsuguharu Foujita’s Final Fighting at Attu, and including research on truth and fiction in military paintings and wartime propaganda, Sasakawa focused on how art was treated by the media in wartime and how it influenced people. She continues to make art, and observations, in a practice that encompasses a diverse range of expression including works on video, performances, and installations.

Selected Exhibitions:
"City Flip-Flop" Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab (Taipei/2019), “On the Verge of Fiction” Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts(Taipei/2019), “Foujita in the 1940's: Tributes” Chinretsukan Gallery Tokyo University of the Arts (Tokyo/2018), “SENSOU-GA STUDIES” Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum (Tokyo/2015)
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